I was born in Liverpool in the late forties, which means I was almost teenager when the beetles were around. I can remember bunking off school aged 12 to go and play at the Cavern. Yep, did it when I was 12 (ish long time ago now so not certain!) Never met the fab four, but was around all through the so called Mersey Beat era. Think it was glamorous? Not on your life, we had to play for peanuts cos every band wanted to play, “the Pool.” They were tough times, but they set me up musically for the rest of my life.

Miss it? Not at all. I can remember playing at Netherton Youth Club on my 21st birthday. We had to play behind a chicken wire mesh in case the little tykes threw stuff at us. I left Liverpool shortly after that!

This site has been set up to share some quite marvelous old recordings I recently found in my garage. When I was in my twenties I made demo recordings for the local bands of the day. I have presented the surviving recordings here for you to enjoy. I call them, "The Garage Tapes." Remember, these tapes more than 50 years old!



If you have any information about any of these bands, or were a member of one of them, please get in touch with me so I can add what you know to this site.


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