Light Fantastic Titles

NewLightPicThis was my last band. I left Liverpool when I was 21 to join these guys in Wolverhampton. I was a member for 8 years, leaving shortly after getting married to go and became a sound engineer in a small studio in Worcester. As you will hear from the recordings, Light were much better live than on tape. The coffin act was a real crowd puller though, what a pity we couldn't record it.

Sludge: Ian ‘Sludge’ Lees. R.I.P. Lead singer and stand up comic.
Joe Dog: Joe ‘Dog’ Dignam. R.I.P. Drummer, with the very high voice!
Twig: Keith ‘Twig’ Locke. Lead guitarist and powerful singer.
Spook: Ron ‘Spook’ Dickson. Bass guitarist and Dracula.
Colin ‘Buck’ Owen. Keyboards, PA, Bangs... Harmony singer.

1. Alley Oop

2. Fists Of Iron

3. No No No

4. Take Me Shake Me

5.Come On Little Suzy

6.Knockin’ On Your Window

7. They All Rock N Rolled

8. Love Is Good Love is Bad

9. Wait Wait A Minute

10. One Day The Sun Will Shine

11. Give Me A Smile

12. Hello Little Girl Hello


This is Light before I joined:

Top left, ‘Dripper’ Kent (singer)
Mid left, Richard ‘Brownie’ Brown (lead guitarist)
Bot mid, Tony ‘Weasel’ Harrison (drummer)
Top right, Dracula.
Mid right, Ron ‘Spook’ Dickson (bass)
Bot right, Keith ‘Twig’ Locke (guitar and vocals)

Have been in touch with some of the guys in recent years. Made some stuff with Joe, (which we never fnished! RIP, Joe), and more recently, did some recording with Twig.

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